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Dates: Saturday, June 26 – Sunday, Jun 27

Climbers: Nick & Colin

Photos: Nick & Colin (as noted)

Weather: Both Saturday and Sunday were absolutely gorgeous. Highs in the mid-60s, lows in the upper 40s. Interestingly, on the drive back to the Bay Area on Sunday evening, we saw some massive thunderheads growing up by Sonora Pass. Given the temps of 102 in the Central Valley, this was not particularly surprising. Notwithstanding the crazy warm temps at lower elevations, Tuolumne was super pleasant.

Synopsis: With a spell of warm weather recently and after some beta received re: approach conditions on SuperTopo, it seemed as if the climbs around Tuolumne were drying and the snow was melting. Colin and I decided to head up and climb some moderate multi-pitch dome routes. All in all, there is still a good amount of snow on many of the larger alpine routes (e.g., Mt. Conness, North Peak, Tenaya), but the lower domes in and around Tuolumne were *relatively* dry (except for Dozier Dome – more on that later) with snowless approaches.


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Location: Lover’s Leap, South Lake Tahoe

Date: Saturday, June 13, 2010

Climbers: Nick, Jon & Jon’s friend Rachel

Photos: Nick, Jon & Rachel

Weather: Amazing day, as usual. Clear skies, with a decent breeze. The morning started out pretty crisp (in the low 50s), but gradually warmed with the rising sun to around the low 70s.

Synopsis: Jon and I had plans to get up in San Fran at 4:00 AM and hit the road for the short drive up to South Lake Tahoe, and hit the smooth granite at the Leap. I had been up the weekend before with my buddy Brandon, and being desperately hung over, we climbed Pop Bottle (5.7) on the East Wall and Deception (5.7) on Hogsback.

On plenty of sleep and sans a hangover, Jon and I had more ambitious plans, which would largely be dictated by how crowded the Leap was. We wanted to try and climb the following combo:

1. Bear’s Reach (5.7) on the East Wall
2. East Wall (5.7) on, well, the East Wall
3. The Line (5.9) on, you guessed it, the East Wall
4. Surrealistic Pillar (5.7) on the Lower Buttress


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Location: Lower Sacramento River, Redding, CA

Date: Memorial Day, Monday, May 31, 2010

Anglers: Pat & Nick

Photos: Nick (unless otherwise noted as Pat)

Weather: Intermittent clouds throughout the day. It was raining up in the mountains by Mt. Shasta (and snowing up top), but we avoided the rain all day. A nice 15 mph breeze in the evening.

Synopsis: After skiing 1.5 ft of untracked, fresh pow up at Leavitt Peak at Sonora Pass on Saturday , I headed North to Mt. Shasta late afternoon on Sunday. Pat and I would camp around 5,000 ft. on the approach to Mt. Shasta, and then head down to the Lower Sacramento River in Redding on Monday to float fish with our guide Bryan from The Fly Shop .


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Nota Especial: This Guest TR is written by Alex, one of the Lunaticos Dementes listed below – his words with the pics provided by the Fotografos listed below.

Fechas: Mayuary 29 & 30, 2010

Localidads: Las Pasadas de Sonora y Tioga, California

Note: This Guest TR is several pages long – just click at the end of each page to continue.


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