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Location: Kirkwood Mountain Resort, CA

Date: Sunday, November 28, 2010

Skiers & Boarders: Jon, Alex & Nick

Location: Kirkwood Mountain Resort, CA

Photos: As noted

Synopsis: Quite simply, this was just plainly the most ridiculously awesome opening day to a ski season I have ever experienced. The fact that it took place in November further emphasizes the fact.

From Friday, November 19th – Thanksgiving Day, the Tahoe Basin was lucky to receive one of the largest November snow storms on records. Six to eight feet of snow fell depending on the location and altitude – not including wind-loading along the Crest. Then during the late stages of Saturday, November 27th, another 16-24 inches of snow fell in Tahoe. The end result was Jon, Alex and I hoping in the car Sunday morning, and heading to Kirkwood for what we expected to be some ridiculous conditions… in November.

The pictures pretty much tell the tale…


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