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Date: May 22, 2022

Location: Ruby Mountains, NV

Skiers: Jon & Nick

Photos: Jon & Nick

Synopsis: This is another super belated trip report, but I figured better late than never! In May 2022, the snow coverage in the Eastern Sierra in CA was basically non-existent, as we had a very bad snow season. As a result, Jon and I thought through alternatives for a week-long adventure and came up with a road trip from Tahoe to Utah, with the goal to mountain bike in Park City and then Moab.

Given the drive was across northern Nevada on I-80, we knew we’d drive right past the Ruby Mountains outside of Elko, NV – home of the super aesthetic line of Terminal Cancer Couloir.

We really couldn’t find any beta on whether it had snow – aside from rough Google Earth imagery. But we just loaded up ski gear in the car together with all of our mountain biking gear and hit the road, figuring it was worth a shot.


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Dates: Friday, July 23rd – Monday, July 26, 2021

Locations: Ashland & Oakridge, OR

Riders: Jon, Mike, Alex & Nick

Photos: Jon, Mike, Alex & Nick

Synopsis: This is a super belated trip report, but I figured better late than never! The overall plan was Mike, Jon and I would leave from the Bay Area super early on Friday, driving all of the way to Oakridge, OR to meet Alex – where he would have a camp set up for up and we’d enjoy two days of mountain bike shuttling. It’s a super long drive, so we split it up going up and coming back by stopping in Ashland for some mountain biking on the way.

Overall, it was an awesome trip – great riding with good buddies.


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