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Date: Saturday, April 11, 2015

Location: Lake Berryessa, Napa Valley, CA

Photos: Sarah

This season I started working with Coach Kevin Coady from TriForce Triathlon Team, with a goal of significantly structuring my training. My “A” races this year are Ironman 70.3 Hawaii on May 30th and Ironman Boulder on August 2nd. Coach Coady suggested I sign up for an early season local race around April, and HITS Napa Valley Half Ironman fit the bill perfectly.

I finished the race in 5:09:42, which was 3rd place in my age group (3/27) and 17th overall (17/261) in the race. I was pleasantly surprised by the results given where I am at in my training for the year and the general difficulty of the course (which, as described further below, is extremely hilly). My primary goals going into the race were to focus on (i) refining my nutrition strategy by upping the calories on the bike to see if my stomach could handle it at higher intensities and (ii) work on bike pacing using a power meter, all with a view to where I stand in my fitness coming off of a “middle base” build period before I shift into a half ironman specific build for Hawaii. I also ended up with two PR legs at the half ironman distance for me – swim and run.


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